Receding Gum Treatment

Gum health is important to protect your smile and your overall health. Receding gums are a sign of infection or periodontal disease. When the gum recedes from the tooth, pockets form between the gum tissue and the tooth roots. This is a convenient place for bacteria to hide, creating more plaque and tartar. If you have receding gums, Dr. Barnett can offer dental care treatments to stop the infection and protect your oral health.

Treating receding gums involves stopping the infection of the gum tissue and deep cleaning of the teeth. Gums recede when they are irritated, usually due to tartar buildup and infection causing inflammation. Our hygienist can provide deep cleanings of the tooth roots to remove the tartar and provide treatments to fight the infection. Once the teeth are cleared of tartar and bacteria, the gums can heal and be restored to health.

Relief for Bleeding or Swollen Gums

Some of the early signs of gum disease are bleeding, red and swollen gums that begin to recede from the teeth. The gum tissue can be tender, bleeding when you brush your teeth or eat certain foods. However, these early symptoms are minimal compared to the serious threat gum disease can pose to your teeth and overall health. Performing home oral hygiene combined with receding gum treatment at our office can help fight gum infections and prevent further health problems. If you have any of these symptoms, come in for a cleaning and periodontal exam to begin a treatment plan for improved gum health.

Let Nicole Barnett, DMD, and our team help you maintain your oral health. If you have receding, bleeding, or swollen gums, contact us today to schedule your next appointment for a cleaning and checkup. Most dental insurance plans cover preventive care; we accept many plans at our office and we also have payment options.

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