Side-Effects of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

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Wisdom teeth are the very last set of teeth to erupt, but they begin forming early on during childhood. It might not be until your teen is nearly through with high school or a young adult that’s already out of college before they experience side-effects of impacted teeth.

Instead of crossing your fingers and waiting to see what happens, watch for these common signs of impacted wisdom teeth:

Crowded Teeth

As wisdom teeth erupt, it’s common for them to press into their neighbors. The force that’s exerted — especially if there’s a lack of space — can press all of the teeth forward, toward the front of your mouth. Over a period of months, you might begin to see the lower front teeth starting to overlap or look crooked.

Discomfort or Pain

The pressure that’s created from impacted wisdom teeth can push on teeth, bone, sinuses, and even lead to cysts. All of that pushing and swelling can cause off-and-on symptoms of pain near the back of your mouth. As the teeth become more mature, the discomfort may persist day and night.

Tooth Decay

Because of their location, partially erupted wisdom teeth are at an extremely high risk for tooth decay and gum disease. Unfortunately, they also place the neighboring healthy teeth at risk too. Instead of risking the health and integrity of your other teeth, it’s typically recommended to remove the impacted third molars.

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