Four Tips for Keeping Your Smile White

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Planning to whiten your teeth anytime soon? With the right maintenance, you can help your brighter glow last as long as possible! Although touchups are occasionally necessary, we encourage you to consider these four helpful tips.

Drink Plenty of Water (and Rinse Often)

Water is healthy, hydrating, and cuts down on bacteria in your mouth. Try to sip on water between meals instead of other beverages. It won’t stain your teeth the way coffee, tea, or soda do!

Any time you drink anything other than water, eat a snack, or swim in a chlorinated pool (it can stain some people’s teeth), make a note to rinse your mouth out with tap water afterward. That way the particles responsible for tooth stain aren’t on your enamel as long. But better yet, try to brush!

Invest in a Reusable Straw

Drinking through a straw limits contact time with dark liquids. That way it doesn’t soak into the pores on your front teeth. Opting for a reusable straw will also cut down on waste and is better for the environment!

Touch Up After Dental Cleanings

Getting your teeth cleaned every six months will provide an ample time to have minor surface stains polished away. As such, it’s the best time to touch up your whitening! That way there isn’t an extra layer of buildup between the gel and your teeth.

Don’t Overbleach

Teeth bleaching isn’t one of those things where “more is better”. In fact, it can lead to irritated gum tissues and dehydrated enamel (causing patchy white spots and sensitive teeth.) Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Considering teeth whitening? Call Nicole Barnett DMD to find out which system is best for your smile!

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