Do Root Canals Hurt?

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Endodontic therapy — more commonly referred to as “root canal” treatment — is a type of restorative procedure used on severely decayed, dying, or abscessed teeth. Root canals are necessary when the nerve of your tooth is traumatized or infected.

The Danger of Delaying Endodontic Treatment

What a lot of people don’t realize is that root canal treatment is meant to treat and eliminate tooth pain. But when rumors circulate that the procedure is extremely uncomfortable, it can cause people to delay their care until their dental infection is quite severe. That’s where the complications begin. When a tooth is extremely abscessed and there is significant swelling around it, it can be more difficult to numb the tooth for a routine dental procedure.

Comfortable Root Canal Therapy

Fortunately, there are ways to ensure a comfortable root canal treatment. By addressing the infection earlier — before swelling sets in — it’s easier to anesthetize the tooth. Or if swelling is present, an antibiotic can help to reduce the extent of the infection (although not eliminate it entirely) for a more comfortable dental appointment. Since your tooth is completely anesthetized during the procedure, you won’t have to feel much of anything.

Sedation During a Root Canal

There’s always the option of adding dental sedation to your root canal appointment. Dr. Barnett provides in-office sedation dentistry for most services upon request because it ensures a comfortable and more relaxing experience, whether you need a root canal or suffer from dental anxiety.

Once your tooth is treated with a gentle root canal in Marietta, you won’t have to worry about recurring toothaches.

For gentle root canal treatment, contact the office of Nicole Barnett DMD to reserve an exam.

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