Dental Crowns vs. Veneers

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Are you planning an upcoming smile makeover or looking to correct the appearance of broken, worn teeth? Our Marietta dentist can help you find the best cosmetic restoration to protect your smile while enhancing the way it looks.

Are Cosmetic Crowns Best?

A porcelain dental crown is best for teeth with structural damage. For instance, if your tooth has an active cavity, large filling, or crack, it will need some type of reinforcement to prevent additional breakage. Crowns cover the entire tooth up to the gumlines, distributing biting pressure so that you can go about your normal activities.

Since they’re made of porcelain, crowns can be crafted from various shades and hues for optimal aesthetics. It’s a win-win for broken or decayed teeth.

When to Choose Veneers

Marietta cosmetic dental veneers are best for healthy, intact teeth that need a little boost to look their best. Since veneers only cover the front of your teeth, they’re designed to enhance their appearance from the outside. But veneers don’t provide full-coverage reinforcement around the entire tooth. So, if you have a crack or cavity, your tooth could still succumb to everyday use. That’s why we don’t recommend placing veneers on teeth with visible decay or structural damage.

But assuming your tooth is healthy, veneers offer a less-invasive cosmetic alternative to full-coverage crowns. Their porcelain design can still be customized for optimal aesthetics to help you look and feel your best.

Smile Makeovers Marietta

Take your smile to the next level with our customized restorative and cosmetic dental treatments. Call our Marietta dentist today to reserve a consultation and discover the possibilities. Flexible financing plans are available!

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