Commonly Ignored Tooth Decay Symptoms

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Think cavities only stand out when your tooth hurts? Think again. Tooth decay can creep up on you unexpectedly, especially if you’re not aware of all of the warning signs. Aside from a toothache or your teeth hurting during meals, here are some common symptoms you should be on the lookout for:

Feeling a Rough Area With Your Tongue
Your tongue is extremely delicate. If you run it over your teeth and feel an out-of-place rough or sharp edge, it could be the outside margin of a cavity (or even a leaky existing filling.) It’s best to get it checked out fairly quickly.

Food Getting Caught in or Between Teeth After Meals
Like the word “cavity” suggests, decay creates openings inside of your teeth. These hollowed out areas easily attract food debris during meals. Sometimes the cavity is in a chewing surface, other times it’s between teeth. One thing is for certain: caught food will be the same spot every time you eat.

Something Feeling “Off”
As generic as this symptom sounds, the tiniest of changes in your tooth anatomy can throw off your bite. If you’re chewing or going about your day and feel like something seems off with a specific tooth, it could be a number of issues; tooth decay is one of them. See our Marietta dentist for a checkup to find out what it is.

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