Special Care Dentist in Marietta, GA

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If you’re someone who has a loved one with special needs, you know how challenging it can be to do everyday routine tasks. Medical needs, special accommodations, or even the anxiety of the unknown can make something like seeing a dentist in Marietta especially challenging for your family. Fortunately, Nicole Barnett, DMD is here to… Continue reading

Toothache? Follow These Tips from Our Marietta Dentist

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Right now, most dentists in Marietta are closed or just now starting to re-open their practices for basic services. Due to federal, state, and local social distancing regulations, emergency dental treatments have been the only services accessible during the COVID-19 shutdown. If you’re a current patient of record whose appointment had to be rescheduled due… Continue reading

Emergency Dentist Open in Marietta

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Dental emergencies tend to pop up when you’re least prepared. It might be on the weekend, at the end of the day when the dentist’s office is closed, or when you’re out of town on vacation. Right now, when most Marietta dentists are forced to close due to “social distancing” during COVID-19, you may be… Continue reading

Helping Essential Dental Treatment Become a Reality

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Every day in our Marietta, Georgia dental practice we hear different reasons why people make the decision to put off their much-needed procedures. Whatever your situation may be, Nicole Barnett, DMD has sedation options that can get you through any treatment successfully. Some of the examples as to why some people don’t get dental treatment… Continue reading

Sedation Dentistry – When You Need a Little Help to Relax

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Most individuals experience some level of anxiety when they go to see the dentist. Even an annual checkup which does not involve pain of any sort can bring up feelings of discomfort. Some people experience feelings of dread even thinking about sitting in the dental chair. These discomforting feelings can interfere with you getting the… Continue reading

Worst Holiday Candy for Your Teeth

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Let’s be honest. There’s probably a good chance that you sneak a piece of candy here and there out of your child’s leftover Halloween stash. And with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and plenty of other holiday moments around the corner, we’re likely to eat more candy this time of the year than others. Even though it’s ok… Continue reading

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